Environmental Policy

New World Construction Company Limited aims to actively participate in building a better environment for Hong Kong. To achieve this duty, New World Construction is committed to prevention of pollution from our works being harmful to the environment, and also to reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources used. To meet this policy, New World Construction is fully committed to:

  • treat compliance with environmental protection legislation and customer contracts as an absolute minimum goal.
  • develop and implement an effective environmental management system fully complied with the requirements of ISO 14001 with achievable environmental objectives and targets.
  • raise the environmental awareness by provision of information, training and instruction to our employees, package contractors and suppliers on environmental management practices and relevant legislation.
  • enhance communication of the policy to all employees, package contractors and suppliers and any interested parties and ensure that it is available to the public.
  • seek continual improvement to do better than before through regular review of our EMS against the results of our efforts and the latest developments in the industry.