Our Culture

Originated from the concept of “Happy-Family Workplace” in earlier days, our Caring Family Culture is manifested in a well-knitted interpersonal caring and support network consisting of the following essence:

  1. New World Construction is our home secondary to our originated family.
  2. We respect and care for everyone from New World Constructioin, business partner side and their families as one family.
  3. We recognize Happy Family and Happy Workplace as two sides of the same coin. Heritage of know-how and interaction at work, together with workplace wellbeing closer to home bring heartfelt warmth of New World Construction style to every family member.
  4. We embrace “Appreciate Culture” and reject “Big Brother Culture” from the traditional practice of construction sector. As a “Big Brother in New World Construction family”, motivational leadership is seen as a good practice of our team heads and PICs.
  5. We advocate “Fairness, Integrity and Caring Culture”, with respect to fair contract spirit, always putting partner family members’ (business partners’) interest in the first place, discarding long-existing unspoken rules in the trade.
  6. A caring workplace serves as a strong bond that links New World Construction family of love, respect and joy as one. Not one from the tens of thousands of artisan members (colleagues) and partner members (business partners) gets left behind or forgotten.
  7. “Seven Artisan Attitudes (7AAs)” is a good practice of Our “Caring Family Culture” in workplace.

New World Construction Artisan Attitudes

7 Artisan Attitudes (7AAs)

    1. Work seriously for quality.
    2. Bear responsibilities.
    3. Be proud of yourself.
    4. Respect other artisans.
    5. Care people and things around.
    6. Inherit craftsmanship. Mentoring followers.
    7. Love your family. Learn for improvement.

Our New World Construction Artisan Culture echoes The Artisanal Movement (TAM), a corporate cultural brand of New World Group. It requires each of us to possess unique craftsmanship and artisanal traits, in that the statement of our brand personality could only be delivered by individual artisans through premium products and services.

“7AAs” is an implementation of our New World Construction Corporate Cultural Vision. Composed of elements from self enhancement to craftsmanship, Artisan Attitude no.1 to no.5 is only a basic entry level of good artisans, while Artisan Attitude no.6 (Inherit craftsmanship. Mentoring followers) is a bridge to a higher level of Master Grade. Up to this level we need to be more accommodate and considerate of other family members, which leads to Artisan Attitude no.7 which top the list (Love your family. Learn for improvement). Do remember “We are a family in New World Construction” and share with all family members your professional accomplishments. It is a lifelong journey of learning and transformation to be caring and supportive to our home in New World Construction.